Assignment Submission

If your Instructor informs you that you are to submit your assignments via eServices, please follow the instructions below.

How do I submit assignments?

Step 1: Go to the Assignment Upload Page
The recommended browser for PC users to access this site is Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. For Macintosh users, please note that there have been consistently successful uploads using the MAC OS X 10 version with Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox is not currently supported for either Macintosh or PC Users.
Step 2: Login to the system with your Passport York account username and student number. USER ID e.g. is: joes
STUDENT NUMBER: 909200900 (with no spaces)
Step 3: Choose your course from the list of your enrolled eLearn courses.
Step 4: Upload your assignment and fill out the required Course Assignment Cover Form.
Students can upload by simply attaching their assignment files to the "Attachment Assignment File" field from the detailed instructions on the website. If you wish to resubmit before the assignment deadline we will print your most RECENT submission.
Step 5: Submit and keep a print out copy of your confirmation of submission.
You can log back into Assignment Upload to review your assignment submission.


  • On every page of your assignment you should note your name, student # and page #.
  • Your assignment should be submitted by the due date otherwise it will be marked late.
  • Always keep a back up copy of your assignment file.

If you are experiencing difficulties or have any other assignment-related questions, please go to the Assignment Submission FAQs