YU-Card and Library Services


All York University students are expected to obtain a YU-card.

eLearning: Students enrolled in on-campus courses or residing in the Greater Toronto Area are normally expected to visit the YU-card Office during business hours to obtain a card.  Students who are enrolled in only online, blended, or off-campus courses; or graduate students residing outside of the Greater Toronto Area and enrolled in no on-campus courses; may request a YU-card by mail.  The YU-card will not bear a photo and will require that you present valid photo ID should you wish to use the card.  Requests should be submitted to yucard@yorku.ca.  A valid student number and mailing address must be included in the request.  Please allow up to 10 business days for your card to be produced and mailed.

York University Libraries eResources

eLearn students can access eResources online remotely from any location.
Once students are in possession of a YU-card, they will be able to access eResources using their Passport York ID from the York University Libraries website.