The eServices Office offers students the opportunity to take fully online and blended courses. To enrol in these credit course offerings you will need to be admitted as a student at York University.


Enjoy the flexibility in taking courses fully online from the convenience of your home or office anywhere in the world. Fully online and blended courses use the same textbooks and materials and cover the same course content as in-class sections. These courses count towards your degree or certificate program in exactly the same way as in-class courses. Students enrolled in these courses will be expected to complete assignments by specific due dates and write supervised formal on campus examinations in person at the York University campus or for remote students at another academic institution. Students can alleviate their on-campus schedule by taking in-class courses with fully online and blended courses.


Blended courses combine the best of both worlds of a mix of online and in-person instruction. These courses are organized with approximately 20-80 percent online instruction and classroom visits are reduced. The course instructor will inform you of the mandatory on-campus class schedule and the online component at the beginning of the term.


Students have the opportunity to enrol in various fully online and blended courses. Choose from a variety of subjects to suit your degree needs -- while creating a flexible schedule that works for you.

Subjects include:
LA&PS: Administrative Studies (Commerce), Anthropology,  Childhood in Canadian Culture, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Disaster & Emergency Management, Economics, English, English as a Second Language, Gender and Women’s Studies, Geography, German, History, Humanities, Human Resource Management, Human Rights & Equity Studies, Indigenous Studies, Jamaican Creole, Korean, Latin, Modes of Reasoning, Philosophy, Political Science, Public  Administration, Sexuality Studies, Sociology, Social Science, Social Work and Writing.

Other Faculty Subjects:
Art History, Biology, Design, Digital Media Studies, Education, Environmental Science, Film, Global Health, Health Studies, Kinesiology, Music, Natural Science, Nursing, Psychology, Translation and Visual Arts


Students can complete a very good percent of the course requirements fully online (ONLN) for the programs listed below. Please note however there might be fully online courses offered on a rotational basis within a 2-3 year span and also there are courses that are offered by “in class only” and thus you will need to plan for these course requirements by enrolling in a on campus course or enrolling outside of York to fulfill the requirements. Students can take many fully online and blended courses to fulfill general education, elective and program requirements depending on the courses offered year to year. There is no limit on how many fully online courses you can take as long as they count towards your program. All course formats/types are equivalent to one another.

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Commerce
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - English
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - History
Management Certificate


The following program is offered entirely fully online:
Faculty of Graduate Studies - Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)


To apply to a degree or certificate program, or as a visiting student, you may refer to the York University Admissions website, where you will find detailed admissions information and online application procedures. Once you are admitted, you may enrol for courses by using the online Registration and Enrolment Module. The York University course timetable and enrolment guide are also available on this website.