Next Steps

To get started on your remote, fully online/blended course (ONLN/BLEN), registered students are required to follow the steps below. Feel free to print or bookmark this site.

York University Fully online and blended course offerings are searchable.

Getting Started

1. Prepare your Learning style for eLearning

Students are encouraged to review the Student Guide to eLearning at York University and e-Learning - Making it work for you!

There is also valuable learning skills information available from the Learning Skills Services Website to provide you with resources and strategies on how to study effectively.

York University Fully online and blended course offerings are searchable.

2. Obtain your YU-Card for Identity Validation and using the York Libraries

All students are expected to obtain a YU-Card. eLearning students enrolled in on-campus courses or residing in the Greater Toronto Area are normally expected to visit the YU-card Office during business hours to obtain a card.  Students who are enrolled in only online, blended, or off-campus courses; or graduate students residing outside of the Greater Toronto Area and enrolled in no on-campus courses; may request a YU-card by mail.  The YU-card will not bear a photo and will require that you present valid photo ID should you wish to use the card.  Requests should be submitted to  A valid student number and mailing address must be included in the request.  Please allow up to 10 business days for your card to be produced and mailed.

eLearn students can access eResources online remotely from any location.
Once students are in possession of a YU-card, they will be able to access eResources using their Passport York ID from the York University Libraries website.

3. Update your mailing address

Update your mailing address, phone, fax, e-mail information from your  Student Record Online - Office of the Registrar

4. Ensure that both your Student Passport York and email accounts are active

Students are required to have an active:

a) Passport York account to access the course websites. Sign up for a Passport York username and password in order to proceed with course website access.

b) an active email and check it regularly for course announcements and important notices from instructors.

Computing support can be directed to or visit the Student Computing website or by calling 416 736-5800.

5. Access your Course Outlines

Some instructors/departments post course outlines prior to the beginning of term and some others wait till the beginning of term and post detailed course outlines in Moodle. If they are provided they will be available from the following:

LA&PS Course Outlines are searchable from the Search for Courses link from the Current  Students webpage.

Once you search your course by search options available such as  the eLearn or Subject search, you will find the “Course Outline” link at the Notes/Additional Fees Heading.

Health Course descriptions/outlines are searchable from the Schools/department “Course’ tab

Natural Science Course outlines are searchable from the NATS Course List.

6. Access your Course Website

Most courses use Moodle (with or without Zoom) for hosting course lecture materials, communication and assessment tools. Moodle course website access starts within the first week of the term. For late enrollees it takes two business days from the time of your enrolment to access the Moodle websites once the semester has started. Course materials begin to be released on the course website during the first week of the semester. Get familiar with Moodle and Zoom by reviewing the Student Guide to Moodle.

If you course is not using Moodle or using an additional website your instructor will let you know in the detailed course syllabus.

Moodle, Zoom and computing support can be directed to or visit the Student Computing website or by calling 416 736-5800.

7. Purchase your Course Materials

Purchase your required textbooks, course kits and/or materials listed at the course outline from the York University Bookstore.

8. Contact the Academic School or Department if you have academic/enrolment questions

For fully online and blended course academic and enrolment related questions, please contact the affiliated Faculty/School Department: